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The Pursuit of Bow Hunting & Home Renovations

Iowa hunter Scott Rupert poses with a deer he got and his dog.

In June of 2013, Terri and Scott Rupert left behind their family, friends, and law enforcement careers in central Pennsylvania. They packed up a U-Haul and tow-behind trailer and made the long drive halfway across the country. What inspired them to make such a move? The pursuit of Scott's passion: bow hunting.

"Coming from central Pennsylvania, the deer bow hunting in Iowa is out of this world," Terri says. "It is most definitely the land of the giants, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to live in and hunt in Iowa."

Upon moving, Scott worked as a hunting videographer and in farm management. There he learned how to hunt Iowa deer and how to manage farms for big mature deer.

In addition to hunting, the Ruperts have honed in on another skill: home renovations. While still living in Pennsylvania, the couple had built one home (mostly themselves) and renovated another. When they arrived in Iowa, their first task was jumping back into the renovation business. Unfortunately, their first Iowa home was more of a challenge than they anticipated.

"This home was a complete gut, down to the framing," Terri says. "We were completely out of our element, having just left the security of our jobs, not knowing anyone, and not having any connections."

But through their hard work and determination, they made the renovation a success and sold the property, made a profit, and learned new skills that would carry into their future projects.

"In hindsight, although I had a good deal of worries, it was a great time for Scott and me," Terri says. "I personally found it very freeing."

We followed a dream despite fears of the unknown, of the what-ifs — we’ve not once regretted it.

Seven renovations later, they are now also self-employed in the construction field, have Iowa realty licenses, and are starting a new service for contract load pick up and deliveries with a new truck and 40' trailer. These professions keep them on the move throughout the southern Iowa area, including Davis County and Bloomfield. 

"We’ve met incredible folks here and developed life-long relationships, despite our frequent moves, and have most definitely made southern Iowa our home," Terri says.

Before shot of a rundown kitchen and an after shot of the kitchen renovated with new appliances and shiplap.
The Ruperts' latest renovation project includes this kitchen remodel.

Their next move may in fact be to an RV so they can be entirely mobile and travel around the area as needed, which seems like a natural progression as their adventures in our region continue.

"Some family and friends from Pennsylvania thought we were a little crazy when we sold everything and moved to Iowa, but again and again we hear that they admire what we did," Terri says. "We followed a dream despite fears of the unknown, of the what-ifs — we’ve not once regretted it."

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