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M3: Creating Jobs in Bloomfield

In March 2014, brothers Tyler and Sam McClure launched M3 Fab & Powder Coating in the Bloomfield Industrial Park. They had no idea just how fast their business would take off and that just four years later they'd need to build two additions, (25,000 more square feet) to their workspace in order to keep up with customer demand. 

"Our growth in the last seven years has been fast, so our goal is to keep the momentum going while continuing to improve our quality."

While they have found much success, growing their business and creating jobs for others, they did meet some initial challenges as they got their business off the ground. Finding guidance and support from their family, friends, and community was key. 

"Name recognition was a big obstacle," Tyler McClure shared. "Once we were able to showcase our abilities we would see growth in sales with that customer and they would share our name and help us build off of that momentum."

The McClures sought out assistance and advice from their father (a successful business owner), their sales manager, and community groups like Iowa South. 

"These 'mentors' were critical for us in our early stages," McClure said. 

Inside the M3 Fab and Powder Coating facility
Inside the M3 Fab and Powder Coating facility

Starting their own business meant the brothers' location options were wide open; they chose their hometown of Bloomfield.

"It was our desire to live here along with the possibility to start and grow a business in our hometown community," McClure said. "Bloomfield has been seen as a bedroom community; we wanted to start something so that people from our area could stay to work instead of commuting."

Of the job opportunities in the area, McClure and his brother felt there was a lack of advanced manufacturing and leaped at the chance to fill it. 

"The small-town community is something we have always enjoyed," McClure explained. "You have good people that have good worth ethic in a safe and friendly community."

As their business continues to grow, the brothers hope to keep the momentum going while continuing to improve their services. 

"We want to continue to expand our offerings to our customers," McClure said. "This includes making our current operation more efficient and investing in new technology/equipment and in our workforce."

For those thinking about moving to the region, McClure considers Iowa South a welcome option compared to larger cities thanks to its affordability and quality of life.

"We have a laid-back community that is a great place to raise a family with plenty of advanced job opportunities all around our area," McClure said. 

And for those looking to start a business in the area, McClure has some advice: Don't go at it alone. This is a supportive community ready to advise and help. 

"Let community leaders, development teams, and your community school and colleges know your plans," he said. "There are a ton of resources and knowledge out there to help you start up and people in our community really want to see others succeed."

Interested in a career at M3 Fab and Powder Coating? Visit their website to fill out an application.

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